What is TrueKirana delivery process?’

Once order isplaced online, after confirmation, it is pushed to the nearest Franchisee ofyour delivery address through an automated process. The order is picked andpacked, checked for quality, physical condition, etc. by our franchisee andthen sent for delivery at your door step. The order will be delivered in thechosen time slot by you.


What if I'm not home to receive my order?

In case ofnon-availability at your residence, our Delivery Expert will try reaching youon the registered mobile number. The order will accordingly be rescheduled onlyafter getting a confirmation from your end.


Can I change my order once it has been placed?

No furtherchanges can be made in the order. In case you wish to remove certain productsfrom the order, there always is an option of returning the products. In caseyou wish to order some additional products, you can always proceed placing anew order.


What if I didn't like the quality of theproducts delivered to me?

We would requestyou to check the products while accepting the products during delivery. In caseyou are not satisfied with the quality of the products, please return thoseproducts to our Delivery Executive. Our Delivery Executive will enter detailsof the same in the mobile tracking app to initiate request for return as wellas refund in case of any. In case of postpaid order, you will be required topay the adjusted amount only for the products accepted by you. In case ofprepaid orders, request for refund will be initiated and cash will be creditedinto your TrueKirana Wallet, which can be redeemed while placing orders thenext time.


What if products ordered by me are out ofstock?

  In case you are notsatisfied with the suggested substitute you can always return the product atthe time of delivery.

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